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Kim Bater, Consultant

Kim is a human development consultant providing facilitation and training services to business, community organizations and government. Kim's focus is on assisting the health, education and social sectors and he specializes in the areas of enhancing team skills, coaching and leadership development.

Kim gained a certificate in Early Childhood Education and used that child development knowledge in his role as Executive Director of the Banff Child Care Centre for twelve years. 

He was also a consultant with Community Foundations of Canada for ten years. He supported Community Foundation development in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba addressing capacity building in the areas of governance and board development, staff development and community engagement.

Kim has been a faculty member with Leadership Development at the Banff Centre since 1999. He has led coaching programs, creativity sessions and ran a two-year program (CPEF) designed for leaders of community organizations associated with the Ministry of Social Services in Alberta.

Kim was active putting leadership theory into practice as a community leader. He was a founding director of the Banff/Canmore Community Foundation. He was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Rockies School Division (CRPS) for 12 years and a Trustee for 14 years (2001-2015). He played a central role in the board’s approach to Inspiring Hearts and Minds, developing CRPS as a learning organization and creating a collaborative approach to leadership and community involvement. In this role Kim worked closely with other boards, the ministry and the Minister of Education to advance the work of CRPS locally, provincially and globally as part of an OECD Schooling for Tomorrow project.


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Maurice Fritze, Consultant

Maurice is a professional development consultant who helps School Boards and Division Offices with seminars and support programs to address specific education and training needs. Since 2002, Maurice has had a private practice in lobbying, mediation and resolving workplace conflict.

A pioneering expert in matters relating to negotiation and conflict resolution, Maurice provides conflict coaching to the leading mediation training organizations in Alberta. He has mediated as a Member of the Roster at the Provincial Court of Alberta and currently has over 120 mediations to his credit.

Maurice also teaches three levels of conflict resolution at MacEwan University. He was a member of Mediators without Borders and has been granted SECRET security standing with CSIS.




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Heather Massel, Communications, Issues and Reputation and Media Consultant

Heather is a senior communications leader, with more than 20 years of corporate and government communications experience. She is also a former broadcast and print journalist and presenter.

She is highly politically-astute, with extensive experience in dealing with sensitive, confidential and emergent matters in education, advising and coaching senior administrators and elected officials.

Heather has a Bachelor of Journalism degree with Honours and a concentration in political science. Dedicated to lifelong learning, she is also the incoming Director of Professional Development for her local professional association, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Edmonton chapter.




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David Steele, Consultant

David has had a long career in education in both Saskatchewan and Alberta, with positions as a teacher, principal (15 years), and Director of Education (11 years). He also served as president of the League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS).

He has an M.Ed. from the University of Regina and a post-graduate degree in Educational Administration.

Following his first retirement, he was an education finance consultant with Saskatchewan Education for most of a year, and then was Deputy Superintendent for six years and Superintendent for four years with Grasslands Public Schools in Brooks. He served CASS as the representative to a Regulation Review concerning Home Education, and on a High School Completion External Committee, as well as being on the AAC Board of Directors.

Travelling with his wife Kim since retirement has been great, but David’s passion for public education has kept him involved doing consulting work with public boards in Alberta.