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executive commitee.

The Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta held its Annual General Meeting on Friday 17 November 2017.  At the Meeting, Members elected a new Executive Committee.  The Association is very pleased to introduce the 2018 Executive Committee:


Cathy Hogg, President (Prairie Rose School Division);


Cathy is currently the Vice Chair for Prairie Rose School Division. Cathy became a Trustee for Prairie Rose School Division in 2013.  She was the Board’s representative for the Association’s Public School Boards Council for two years.  She sits on four Committees for the Prairie Rose Board of Trustees, including the FNMI, Professional Development, Student Board and Financial Review.

Cathy believes in giving the children of our province every opportunity to be all that they can be.  She strongly believes in the Public Education System and supports the Member driven approach to the work that is being done for our children on behalf of PSBAA.  




Gerry Steinke, First Vice President (Northern Gateway Public Schools);

Gerry Steinke, in his current involvement in public education, is first and foremost a trustee – that significant, humbling role of being an elected representative.   He has served in various roles, including a short tenure as vice chair and chair, on Northern Gateway Public School board for 13 years, but not all in one stretch.   A resident of Valleyview, Alberta, for 37 years, he and his wife Bonnie, a kindergarten teacher, raised 3 boys with help of public schools, and enjoy (at most times) the enthusiasm of 3 grand boys.

After he left teaching in 1997, Gerry operates a home-based stained glass business and has led the formation a unique small town 55+ independent living community.

Gerry has consistently promoted the value of education to support community.  He says, “All we do has to be focused on connecting with the child, finding ways to develop achievement beyond any of his or her expectation, and letting the student enter community life as a well-balanced, contributing member of society.”



Lanie Parr, Second Vice President (Buffalo Trail Public Schools);

Lanie is a passionate advocate for Public Education, a system that respects diversity and is inclusive of all students in Alberta.  She is currently serving her second term as a Trustee and is also the Vice Chair of her board, Buffalo Trail Public Schools.  Lanie believes it is critical that we work to break down barriers that may impede a child’s ability to learn; including mental health issues, hunger, poverty, long bus rides, etc., and she believes in equitable access to Education for all students.                  



Carol Picard, Director (Canadian Rockies Public Schools);

Carol Picard is entering her fourth term of trusteeship (1998-2001, 2010-present) and second term as chair of Canadian Rockies Public Schools. She is a founder and previous editor of the award-winning Rocky Mountain Outlook and enjoyed a 30-year journalism career as a reporter and editor in daily and weekly newspapers. Outside of trusteeship she spearheads a food-security initiative in Canmore, where she has lived for 26 years with her husband. They have one grown daughter, pursuing an acting career in Vancouver. She’s a passionate defender of public education as an irreplaceable foundation of the kind of civil and just society we all wish our children to inherit.



 Karen Becker, Director (Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools);

Karen Becker is in her second term as a trustee for Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools.  She has been involved in the field of education in a number of roles for over 25 years.

She is a strong supporter of inclusion, rural education, and the inspiring success among indigenous students.

Karen is strongly committed to advancing the goals and priorities of PSBAA, and to serving the students in Alberta’s Public Schools.       



Cheryl Johner, Director (Edmonton Public Schools).

Cheryl Johner is currently serving as the Edmonton Public Director on the Executive Committee.  Cheryl has been a strong advocate for Public Education since her election to the Edmonton Public School Board as Trustee for Ward A in 2010. As the mother of four, all of whom successfully graduated from Edmonton Public Schools, Cheryl had a strong personal and professional interest in ensuring Public Education is all it can be. As a lifelong learner herself, Cheryl has continued to develop her personal skills in the public arena and is an equally strong advocate for adult education opportunities offered by the District. Cheryl has served on numerous boards, committees and community organizations dedicated to her prime interests of children, education and offering those less fortunate a hand up. 

"I feel that being a Trustee means more than deciding on issues. A Trustee is charged with inspiring trust and confidence so others will benefit from your abilities."