Welcome back!

For many, September means harvesting the crops, pulling out the garden and the changing colours of the leaves, but for us in Education, September means the time of year when our wonderful children enter the doors of our schools… but we’re sure there’s a slightly different perspective coming from each of us who are impacted by the back-to-school “season.”

For students, September means finding the perfect, stylish pair of non-marking running shoes, being pulled out of bed before 9AM, and looking at a perfectly organized locker (which we all know, can only last for so long).

For the adults in our students’ lives, it means searching for the dreaded school supply list, ensuring your child is registered in their new school and finding that unexplainably expensive calculator that your high-school student needs.

For school personnel, September means cleaning buses and organizing pick up routes, planning lessons and timetables, and preparing for the most precious assets our earth holds to enter back into our lives, and into our care.

To every Albertan family and to each and every human who has devoted their time to making a difference in the lives of our children, welcome back to school! 

I can’t wait to see the wonderful learning and passion this school year will bring and I’m also incredibly excited to bring you along on my journey this school year through this blog. 

Keep smiling,