Reflections ahead of summer break

As the school year comes to a close and students and staff head out for the summer and a well-earned break, I want to take a couple of moments to reflect on the past school year. 

First, thank you to all our public school boards – members and non-members alike – for the wonderful work they do on behalf of all students in Alberta. Indeed, every school board trustee and staff member, regardless of which system they affiliate with, is absolutely committed to student success. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment.  

Second, I want to reflect on the impact we have on the students and families we ultimately serve. Each June, I am so privileged to attend graduation ceremonies in my jurisdiction, and it’s such an honour. Our graduates are proud and excited to have achieved this milestone, and rightly so. We advocate on behalf of our students and staff to government and in the communities where we serve, because we believe in our calling to ensure our students are successful in getting the best possible education.  

We don’t – and won’t – always agree on how to accomplish this important goal. We are teaching the next generation of Albertans, and it is a privilege and an immense responsibility. We would not give them anything less than our very best efforts, and we remain absolutely passionate and committed to this work. When we see the faces of our graduates and their families, beaming with pride, it’s all worth it. 

So, to our students – whether or not this is your graduating year – congratulations on all your hard work this year. Staff: thank you for your enduring and passionate commitment to teach and support our students. And to all our locally-elected school board colleagues: thank you for all you do to set up our students for successful learning.  

I wish you all a safe and relaxing summer, and I look forward to seeing you all again in September.