Our number one priority

As a Public School Trustee, few things have made me more excited than to see Albertans engaged in discussions about the future of Public Education. I think we can all agree that over the last few months, we have seen many discussions around the topic of Public Education.

The PSBAA Member Boards have worked tirelessly to identify and address the challenges in Public Schools in Alberta. In 2015, they developed a three year Work Plan with the number one priority being to “Promote the formation of a new single Public Inclusive Education System in Alberta.”

In line with that priority are the following goals:

  1. Encourage the Government to explore the creation of a new single Public Inclusive Education System and work to influence and promote Legislative changes to support one Inclusive Education system;

  2. Have Albertans believe that this new single Public Inclusive Education system is best for all students;

  3. Have Albertans advocate for this new single Public Inclusive Education system;

  4. Celebrate and grow the support for choices that will exist in the new single Public Inclusive Education system.

We have been proactive over the last many years working towards our goals which has included shaping the yet to be proclaimed Education Act and accompanying Regulations to incorporate positive changes to support our priorities.

We continue to encourage an education system that serves children rather than a system that serves systems.

We witness daily in our public schools how the continued fragmentation of resources means less and less dollars benefitting kids in classrooms. If  the intention of Public Education  is that each and every Alberta student is afforded an equal and equitable education that will arm them to contribute successfully to our societal fabric, why wouldn’t we want to explore a system that would keep their interests first and foremost?

As Trustees, and Members of the PSBAA, we are extremely excited to see Albertans joining us in the work in which we have been performing on behalf of Alberta’s children and families. It is not light work, but it is important work, and I am thankful that together we are exploring the possibilities for Alberta’s children.

We invite you to join in on the conversation and to share your views with us. While we understand one inclusive Public Education System to be the best way to serve our children, we know that there are differing opinions and we would love to hear your perspective. Never hesitate to reach out to us - for we know that together, we can and will do great things for kids!