What does Diversity mean to you?


When you hear the word diversity, what does it mean to you? How does it make you feel? For our Members and our Association, it means something very real and guides us as we move forward in our work.

To us, diversity means learning options for our students in classrooms. It means teachers having the flexibility and option to teach their students in responsive ways that enable their students to understand the concept at hand.

Diversity means embracing the personal experience that each educator and student brings with them.

Diversity is democracy , the variety of experiences and ideas Board members bring to the table so that we can be confident that we are making the best, informed decisions for our students.

When we come together because of shared values, when we focus on that which bonds us rather than that which makes us different, that is when diversity shines.

Diversity in a Public School system means choice. It means respect. It means opportunity.

That’s what diversity means to us.