A word with so much depth and meaning and today, we feel the value of that word more than most days.

Yesterday, people from across our province went out to their communities halls, school gymnasiums and recreation centres to cast their ballot for the person they felt would best represent their community.

Each and every person who walked in to one of those centres and put an “X” next to their choice candidate had a say. Whether their candidate won or lost, their voice was heard. If you stop and reflect on that, it is incredibly powerful.

Our Association’s beliefs are deeply rooted in democratic values.

To our Members, democracy doesn’t just mean the “X” citizens place on their ballot every four years, but rather the opportunities for members of our communities and schools to have a say... each and every single day. It means respectful dialogue at the boardroom table, the consideration of perspectives and ideas in the classroom, and collaboration within our local communities.

We want to congratulate all who will now be representing their communities for the next four years. We can’t wait to see what inspiring ideas you bring to the table as we take further steps to shape our future together.