Alberta student voice.

The purpose of our conference is to demonstrate that our students do have a voice, one that we value and want to ensure we listen to.

We include opportunities for our students to chat with our trustees, so that students can tell us what is important, what is working well, and what they would like to see changed or enhanced in the education system.

It is also a learning opportunity, where students are taught skills that they can take back to their school to influence change; specifically this year we are focusing on Media Relations and Public Speaking.


Student voice program: fall events 2018

with Brian Woodland, head of the communications firm, BrianInspires. His mission: to Speak-Consult-Inspire.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Reality TV: Putting Relationships Back Into Public Relations

Reality TV is changing reality and the rules of engagement for communications. And it’s not all bad. Discover how to harness the power of lessons learned from reality TV to powerfully communicate your message. You’ll explore: how the reality TV world has changed our world of school PR; why you need to re-think how you build, maintain and nurture relationships that matter; how the power of relationships is the key to making an impact in your district; and ways to transform the surface-level relationships that predominate society into deep and important connections. Learn specific strategies to remain authentic and understand the power – and the very real limits – of social media; how your relationships with media, students, staff and the community need to change in a reality TV world. There’s no easy way to get the rose, win the immunity challenge or emerge victorious in the battle round, but this session will provoke, inform and build your relationship knowledge and skills so you can master the key message for media and beyond.