Alberta student voice

The purpose of our conference is to demonstrate that our students do have a voice, one that we value and want to ensure we listen to.

We include opportunities for our students to chat with our Trustees, so that you can tell us what is important, what is working well, and what you would like to see changed or enhanced in the education system.

It is also a learning opportunity, where you are taught skills that you can take back to your school to influence change, specifically this fall we are focusing on Advocacy Skills and Training.

November Student Voice Program: November 15 & 16, 2017

We are pleased to invite you to our Student Voice Conference ‐ Fall 2017. We have a great conference program lined up.

We will start on 15 November at 4:30 pm with registrations. Your first fun session is our Ice Breaker Session which begins at 5:00 pm with our returning Facilitator, Maurice Fritze. It’s set to be a fun and informative session as Maurice will set the stage on what to expect for the evening and the following day.

Beginning at 6:00 pm you are invited to our “Government Minister/MLA Reception”, where you will be able to meet and chat with MLAs from across the province. This is followed by a “Legacy Panel on Public Education” with Government Ministers as they respond to a series of questions that are dedicated to a conversation around K‐12 Public Education.

16 November is a full day of learning about Advocacy, and we will also feature a discussion panel with our Students and Trustees. See the full Alberta Student Voice Program. 

PSBAA and AB Student Voice began working together in March of 2015. PSBAA strongly values the voice and contributions of students, and thus struck a partnership. A joint team of students, Trustees, System Administrators, and Association Staff/Consultants work together through the year to plan our two major conference events.

Click here to register for the Alberta Student Voice Conference. 

Ad Hoc Committee on Student Voice, Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta



+ How do I register? . . .

Just follow this link

+ What is the cost to attend? . . .

Registration to the conference is free. We are also able to cover one‐night accommodation cost, and light snacks at the reception on (15 November 2017). We suggest you grab a quick bite to eat before registration on the 15th. We will also supply your breakfast and lunch on 16 November!

+ Who else will be there? . . .

Students from across the province are eligible to attend. Bring someone from your school or come’ll make lots of new friends. You’ll also be with School Trustees and Senior Administrators from Public School Boards. They can’t wait to meet you!

+ I’m pretty nervous and not sure what to!! . . .

We are a super friendly and welcoming group. We are starting Wednesday evening with an ice breaker session, and our Facilitator will give you a run through of what to expect for the rest of the conference. We have lots of students that have attended before – if you want an introduction or to get paired up with an experienced buddy to hang out with, just let us know!

+ Sounds silly but, what should I wear? . . .

We suggest business casual as it is a conference atmosphere.

+ What do we do while we are there? . . .

We have unique opportunities for our student group to work together, and some time where you will meet the School Trustees. Have a look at our “Program at a Glance” for details.

+ Do I need to bring anything with me? . . .

We will have a conference package ready for you. It will have our agenda, presentation handouts and a notepad.

+ How do I get to Edmonton for the conference? . . .

Your travel does need to be planned independently. You can travel with other students, or a parent can drive you. We are able to reimburse your transportation costs (at a rate of $0.50/km).

+ I registered for the conference, and now I can’t come, what should I do? . . .

That’s okay, plans change. We will miss you though! Just give our office a call and let us know asap. Or better yet, have a classmate come in your place, just call us with the details.

+ I saw a permission form or release; do I really need it? . . .

Yes, it is necessary that this form is filled out and turned in, otherwise you will not be able to participate. Note for those 18 years or over, see the form and fill out accordingly.

+ I have a chaperone, teacher or parent coming. What do they do while I’m at the conference? . . .

This is a conference for students! We invite your chaperone to tour the city, go shopping or visit friends or family.

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